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Why Full Circle Industries

We guarantee the best CBD for your business needs because we oversee its growth, cultivation, and extraction.

With our CBD, you know exactly where it came from, precisely who handled it, and you don’t have to worry about second guessing how it’s processed. We’re proud of our industry leading processes and go out of our way to get as much information in your hands so that you can make an informed choice. All of our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are full panel showing not only the endocannabinoid profile, but also show testing for molds, mycotoxins, and heavy metals so that you and your customers can feel confident that you are offering the highest quality product.

Comparing Apples to Apples

Comparison shopping CBD can be challenging even for an experienced buyer. We created this table to help you compare price and purity, the net cost of adding CBD into your product line, as well as to help those who are new to CBD to understand how much you might need for your business

How to use this calculator –

  1. Select one of our products in the drop down menu. This will populate the price and purity of our Full Circle Industries CBD (you can overwrite the price should you have volume pricing).
  2. Select how many milligrams of CBD you want to put in a single unit of your product.
  3. If you want to compare pricing with a competitor, enter the price and purity of the competitor.
Competitor CBD

What is the cost of a kilo of CBD?

Price per kilo

What is the percentage of CBD to total volume?


What is the cost of a kilo of CBD?

Mg per unit sold

What is the cost of a kilo of CBD?

Price per mg of CBD

This is the true price difference of a Kilo of CBD when the purity is matched:

Percentage Matched

This is how many units of your product you can make from a kilo of CBD at that Qty:

Units per Kg

This is your cost per unit for CBD:

CBD Price per Unit