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About us

Welcome to Full Circle Industries

Full Circle Industries is one of the only fully integrated CBD product companies on the market with extraordinary high-quality products. We grow all our own Hemp in the United States, extract it ourselves and this is exclusively what we use in our final products. We are a “farm to table” CBD company.

Our Mission

Full Circle Industries is a fully integrated CBD operation; that’s how we ensure our CBD is pharma grade quality, every batch, every time. We plant our own seeds, grow our own hemp, extract our own isolate and distillate and package the final product ourselves, all on California soil with technology that meets the cutting edge. We worry so you don’t have to, and we’re willing to bet that your customers will know the difference

The Full Circle Industries Philosophy

Our biggest concern is guaranteeing a healthy, quality product for our consumers. Because we control every part of the process, from farm to storefront, we can make that quality guarantee while still maintaining a lower price point than our competitors. We’re proud of our ability to provide a luxury product without the luxury price tag.

Our Promise

CBD is an emerging industry. That makes it new and exciting; it also contributes to misinformation and consumer distrust. And for good reason: lots of companies promise top-end quality without the ability to guarantee that they’ll deliver on those expectations. At Full Circle Industries, the product doesn’t leave our hands until it’s consumer ready, so you can trust that our quality guarantee is just that.